Apprentice electronics technician for devices and systems (m/f/d) m w d

Entry date: 01.08.2024

Training at contech

During our apprenticeship, we offer young people the opportunity to actively participate in the day-to-day business of a medium-sized industrial company in electronics production. At contech, you can look forward to a wide range of benefits, such as regular trainee get-togethers, participation in employee events, free drinks and much more.

What you can expect:

  • As an apprentice, you will accompany the production process from assembling the circuit board to the final assembly of the components and programming the finished device
  • You will also get to know the areas of production service and product development
  • Working in a team with experienced employees, you will be responsible for the manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of electronic devices, equipment and systems
  • You support the introduction of new production technologies and continuously develop the production system, taking time, costs and quality into account with
  • As part of the contech team, you will help to organize and ensure work processes

What you bring with you:

  • Good grades in mathematics, physics, German and English as well as in subjects relevant to training
  • You have manual skills and enjoy electrical engineering products
  • Ideally, you have already gained initial experience through an internship in electrics or electronics
  • You already have a class B driving license or plan to obtain one by the start of your apprenticeship
  • You are characterized not only by your reliability, but also by your initiative and flexibility
  • You impress with your strong communication skills and pronounced ability to work in a team

Not a 100% match? - Don't worry!
We support you in your personal and professional development.

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CP contech electronic GmbH
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Your contact person

Nicole Brieger
+49 (0) 5202 9877 12

E-Mobility Solutions

We have many years of experience in the development and production of charging controllers. We are partners of major market players in the charging infrastructure sector and use our in-depth knowledge in the development of driving controls.
In addition, we take great pride in the development and production of our own charging controller.

Project name:

Cyber Physical Test System (CPTS)
Low-cost inspection and test procedure for embedded systems with cloud connection

Project description:

In the past, embedded systems were often determined by their electrical functionality. The production test was carried out directly on the production line by means of an electrical or optical test (AOI or ICT, for example), usually using a stand-alone test device. These devices are expensive, complex to operate and have no cloud connection. A simple, cost-effective and at least partially standardized solution for the production test of embedded systems with medium or low complexity, both stand-alone and in the end product, is missing. This need is to be addressed by the Cyber Physical Test System (CPTS) to be developed. The system consists of a standardized, simple "test mouse" that loads the device-under-test with test programs and controls the test execution, add-on modules for standardized or product-specific tests, a connection via the Internet to a test cloud and a user interface, e.g. in the form of a tablet.

Project name:

EMEL - Energy management in metropolitan eMobility charging infrastructures

Project description:

As part of the project described above, a system solution for the integration of charging points and charging infrastructures into metropolitan energy management systems is being developed and implemented as a prototype. Three relevant scenarios are addressed: the integration of a charging point into the smart home (charging at home), into smart grids (charging in public spaces) and into smart factories (charging at the workplace).
Role of contech: CP contech electronic GmbH is responsible for the development of the charging control unit (for charging points) with the corresponding gateway functionality for integration into the three target scenarios.

Project name:

progressivKI - Modular AI platform for automotive applications

Project description:

In order to optimally support and automate design processes for future automotive electronics systems, the use of AI methods is absolutely essential due to the significant increase in system complexity on the road to autonomous and electrically powered vehicles. By using AI, functionally safe electronic systems can be developed faster and more reliably. This should significantly accelerate innovation. The aim of the progressivKI project is to develop a generalized AI-supported design process for automotive electronics systems.
Role of contech: contech is a member of the regular advisory group meeting

Project name:

AI marketplace: The digital platform for AI in engineering

Project description:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an important key to innovative product creation processes. Product creation is a central task in manufacturing companies: The proportion of software is constantly increasing in the digital transformation and is making products ever more complex. More than ever, development requires the combined expertise of different specialist disciplines. AI applications open up far-reaching potential for optimizing processes and increasing the performance of manufacturing companies. Specifically, development capacities can be increased and development times and subsequent manufacturing costs can be reduced. However, the necessary AI expertise is often lacking. In turn, providers of AI solutions often lack access to user and domain knowledge. An AI platform should be the solution: The AI marketplace creates a unique ecosystem that brings together AI experts, providers and users in order to exploit the potential of artificial intelligence.
Role of contech: contech participates in the AI marketplace as an associated partner.

Project name:

Holistic circular product development for intelligent technical systems

Project description:

The manufacture of mechatronic products, such as semiconductors, is characterized by high energy requirements, the use of critical raw materials and complex production conditions. One approach to solving this problem is the circular economy. This means that waste is avoided by reusing and repairing existing products. If this is not possible, the products are broken down into their starting materials, i.e. raw materials, in order to recycle them. This basic idea must also be implemented in the product creation process. To this end, the ZirkuPro project aims to develop a system for holistic circular product creation for intelligent technical systems.
CP contech electronic GmbH is a consortium partner with its own pilot project and would like to focus more strongly on the topics of sustainability and circularity.

Project name:

Smart wireless MID sensor systems for IOT applications

Project description:

The aim of the research project is to create a system for the development and production of individual AM-based MID sensor systems using laser direct structuring (LDS) technology. In this way, a secure, detailed understanding of the process will be established and at the same time a system will be developed that will enable other companies to access the technology. CP contech electronic is a consortium partner with its own pilot project and is using the example of a sensor system on a rotating fixture to investigate whether MID technology is generally suitable for industrial applications.

We are open to your ideas!

In addition to our diverse industry expertise, we are also open to implementing your individual projects. So if you have not yet found your sector with us, we would be delighted to hear from you at any time!

Traffic monitoring technology

Monitoring the safety of transport infrastructure is a key task for transport network operators. The top priority is to ensure the smooth flow of traffic while taking the safety of road users into account. This requires regular monitoring and control activities that are often still carried out by human resources - a task that can be automated with the help of intelligent monitoring and control technology. contech will work with you to develop your individual traffic monitoring solution - benefit now! 

Agricultural technology

Against the backdrop of increasing electrification and digitalization in the agricultural sector, the demands placed on the systems used are constantly rising. Hardware and software in particular are being introduced, making both the development and manufacture of products increasingly complex. Customer-specific solutions are increasingly in demand - this requires a partner who can act accordingly in terms of a solution provider approach. Thanks to our many years of know-how, we are certain that we are the right partner for your application. Please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Building automation

Nowadays, building automation as part of supply technology is an important component of technical energy management. This includes all monitoring, control, regulation and optimization systems.
Thanks to our experience with heating, air conditioning and ventilation control systems, heat pumps and other building automation components, we have in-depth control expertise in a wide range of areas.

Industry Automation

Industrial automation has the potential to improve efficiency, quality and safety in production.
Increase the efficiency and precision of your industrial processes with our modern industrial control systems. Optimize your processes, minimize downtimes and maximize the productivity of your systems. Thanks to intuitive user interfaces and simple integration, you can monitor and control your systems effortlessly. Rely on our proven technology to achieve your production goals and strengthen your competitiveness.
Experience a new dimension in control performance - powerful, flexible and future-proof.

Consumer Electronics

The devices and systems in our real environment are increasingly equipped with the help of embedded software and hardware. User data is collected and analyzed, making completely new digital services available.
New application possibilities are opening up - in areas such as entertainment, health/sport, leisure and many more. contech supplies individual hardware and software solutions for this - tailored to the customer's application. 

Tracking module for walking aids

  • "Emergency call function" with e-mail notification
  • Further sensor inputs
  • Numerous other applications conceivable

E-Mobility - Charging control

  • Controls and monitors the charging of electrically powered vehicles on the AC grid
  • Stand-alone operation or networked operation with central control system
  • Easy to configure directly on the device or via web server

Convenient domestic ventilation

  • Minimal installation space
  • Thermal management
  • Service life 10 years
  • Tightened
  • Interference immunity requirement 4 kV Surg

The cloud control for lighting systems!

  • Communication with individual light sources within a system
  • Query status information
  • Implementation of complex brightness control for the luminaires
  • Communication with the Cloud of Things portal

Powerful controls for scrubber-driers!

  • Powerful control systems for control suction machines
  • Control of all electromechanical components
  • Time and cost-saving operation of the cleaning machines
  • Highest demands in terms of efficiency and robustness
  • Reliable production partner for various control systems

E-Mobility - Charging control

  • Collection/transmission of information from connected devices/vehicles, enabling intelligent processing, evaluation and billing of consumption and costs in an external cloud
  • Ensuring scalability
  • Intelligent networking in data exchange and control of eMobility devices
  • Support for an overarching solution to ensure overall management and administration